Friday, January 25, 2008


My last post told U about what is sinusitis. Now let me story to U how this desease take over my life!
I don’t know how to overcome my sinusitis a.k.a resdung. It seems to get worse day by day & make me suffer this whole week. It started from a typical flu. After a week under flu medication, the flu was over but the simptoms changed. I felt pain at my upper cheecks, felt like something pushes my eyes to come out & experienced heavy headache. Sometimes it caused a bad toothache. I know it is sinusitis because I had experienced the same pain last 2 years.
Lying on bed & sleep make me relief only at that moment. It comes again soon after I open up my eyes. I’m sick of it. & Now my mood is totally out. I can’t do anything like usual because I lost my focus & the pain affected my emotion. It turns me into an angry woman, a moody person, unhappy Ida…when I’m not happy, I can’t make my Iman & En. Noor Fadzli happy. When we are unhappy our life is sucks…
Yesterday En. Noor Fadzli bought me herb medicine (after tired of my grumbling & sulking). I took the medicine as instructed & the pain reduced but it still there. Like it was only sleeping. Soon after it woke up, the pain came again. En. Noor Fadzli reminds me to avoid eating seafood, chicken for this particular time as it can worsen my sinusitis.
Oh GOD, I don’t know what else to do. See a doctor just wasting my time & my money. No more drugs please, my body can’t bear drugs anymore. Allah, please give me a good health, agood condition & let me enjoy my life happily.


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Abdull Khair Kamaruddin said...

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I also had resdung for quiet a long time.actually i haven't try this product yet. but i will try it soon. i heard many good respons from those who have use this product.

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