Friday, March 21, 2008

Nak workout???

ni entrance coupon utk join This is LOVE Event, sponsored by Nike & Fitness First. Jiran sblh meja bg. mmm...srh workout cam best, sume free. Will be happen kt Subang Airport. Esk je tau! start jam 5pm-10.30pm. Ade dancing, Kick Boxing class, workout, foods & drinks...all for free! can bring along 3 girlfriends together. sesape yg rase b'minat bleh register kt . If U r among 500 early comers, U will receive free gift from Nike, alaa...door gift laa tu. xtau laa ape bndenye tu diorg akn bg. tp dgr gift je lg laa rase nk g. cuma...sape nk jge Iman? anybody???


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