Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I made this!

Techniques: Gradient, Blend, Opacity Mask (must know how to choose right colours)

I designed this using what I've learned so far. Everything from i-net tuto, very usefull! No books, no courses, 100% from i-net. I've learned quite fast, cause my 'boring job' required me to have all these skills (i'm in the middle of designing product catalogs, datasheet, website for the company). If not, I would have never thinking of learning Illustrator & Photoshop for the rest of my life (bosses yg b'jasa).

Actually the job is not that boring, it just me who don't know how to make it interesting. Maybe because I'm doing it alone, no buddy to share some ideas with especially when my brain started to freeze (it happen sometimes). Then my bosses will criticize my work (they actually don't know what they really want). Then i will do as their comments. Then they will criticize it all over again. Then i will do as their comment. Then...(how many then, daa...) like a non-stop looping in C++, interrupt only can stop. Until they satisfy with it. At that time my ideas are totally gone, i lost my identity in my own design. It's like I just fill in what they want. I hate that so much!!! Hey, cut it off! I don't want to talk about my job, it's out of my interest.

Back to my main point. Mmm...already forgot what else to add, but I'm pretty sure that one day I will have my own tuto to share with public, when everything are on my fingertips.


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