Friday, September 05, 2008

Turn Ummi plak...

Happy Birthday ummi, tp bkn ari ni...dh belated dh...on 3rd September lps. yg ke 55. heheh muda lg...sorry ummi, I've been quite busy a few days back, no time to publish my birthday wish to you in my blog. Tp Ya dh call ummi kn on that day, pg2 lg...

Ummi is the most greatest creature in this world that I love the most...nobody can replace her in my heart, nobody...there's nothing I can give to her to pay her sacrifices & all the things she had done to me from the moment I open up my eyes until now.

Semoga Ummi dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, berbahagia di dunia dan akhirat. AMIN...

Lupe nk ckp, gmba kek ni diambil dr w/site K.Liza yg pndai wat kek..pinjam ye K.Liza. for more cakes, visit


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