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I'm a wife of a husband & a mom of two kids. I think I'm a boring person (I can tell you through my entries) because I easily get bored with my routine life. But somehow I try to cheer up my house atmosphere, especially for my kids. I love to make jokes, but only when I'm surrounded by my sisters (hmm...i don't know why must I make jokes with them)...then we all laugh...oh I love being with them...

I have left half of my past far behind which was something that I don't want to do & I don't want to be, but still kept another half with me which is my childhood. I wish I can go back to that time (can I just live 'there' for the rest of my life?)...hmm...don't get me wrong. It doesn't mean that I hate my life now, I just miss my old times, that's all. I love my present, so much...being surrounded by husband & kids & family members...

What I do for living?? hmm...nothing...I just wait for my husband to come home everyday. In the meantime, I do house cleaning, cooking, wash clothes & look after our kids...that's what I do but not for living...I just let my husband to do it for me, heheheee...no..no..no...wait a minute. I do, do something but still not really for living, I have a small business...I share it with my sister. Just to fill up my space. You can visit my shop, find the short cut at my blog. The clue is My KEDAI, OK...

My interest...hmm...
I love to cook but often have no idea to cook.
I love to sew but my mom did not give her sewing machine when I ask her.
I love gardening but my home does not have an area for gardening.
I love shopping but I do not have a lot of money to buy the whole stores.
I love traveling, but need someone to show me the way while driving. (I have no gut to drive alone...huhuhuuu...When I feel like want to travel around the world, I would have thought of having a rich husband...hehehee)
I love blogging & this is the one that I can do when I'm really free. Really-really free...of course!

So now you know roughly about me...to know me better, reading my blog is a must! even none of my entries are interesting or fun. You must read it until end of line...sound like forcing, huh!! heheheee...whatever..because the most important is I blog for myself, not for fame among bloggers, not to gain many readers, I just need a place to voice out my thought, my feeling, my opinion & sharing my stories and some infos that I have with you, yes you, who notice my existence.

that's all
- edamanali -

Loves around

Loves around

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