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Some events take so much words to story, & the writer is sometime so lazy to type it all here...so let the scenes here tell you the stories...

15 may, On the way/SACC mall

15 May, @Che E's: Playing combat...

16 May, @Che E's: Picnic luar rumah...

A Famosa Resort - Family Vacation

Sunway Pyramid - Rapunzel

1 Jan 11, Zoo Negara : New Year no where to go...

13 Feb 11 : Improperly planned! 4 hours @Genting...hmmm...so cold!!

15 May 11 : Bowl...owh I love this...Sunway Pyramid!!

17 May 11 : Taman Cahaya Bukit Cerakah

Loves around

Loves around

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