Friday, May 01, 2015

This is Me Today

I need enough air to breath...yes, re-breath...
life must go on anyway
i deserve to be happy, here...n i'm trying so hard to live happily in Jannah with all my loyal n love ones...
so, i just enjoy what i have right now
Allah can take them whenever He wants
i have to be a good servant to Allah
put Him on top of everything
be kind to everybody
n make them happy with my presence
do good deeds, as much as i can
i have to love myself more than anyone does
love my kids, my parents n my family too
must have positive thought, words n actions

that's all
reminder for me, myself

realizing all the beauties lies in me are all from Allah
we are indeed beautiful, because Allah made us
n can be more beautiful if we wear the cloth of Taqwa in our life

"The Best is yet to be"

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